The Soul Entrepreneur Startup Intensive is my 6 month program for new online entrepreneurs.

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Working in the online world for about 10 years I have seen what works and what doesn't when you are first starting out.

I have been there and I know how expensive the mistakes can be.

Investing in systems and products that have all that have all the promises in the world but they are just a giant FAIL.

Then comes setting up systems and tech and from what I've experienced with most new business owners this is what gets them pulling their hair out!

OH! Don't get me started on the horror stories I have been told about the burnout and drain, from feeling like you have to be on every social media platform promoting every day to survive in this online world! 

This is why I created this program. 

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Systems & Processes We will streamline your systems to create a professional presence online when your clients and customers come through your website/booking system & social media.

I will help you create a really user-friendly way for your clients to connect with you giving you the freedom of not having to manually book people in & chase money. 

Refining Your Voice & Messaging This one can get people in business can get stuck on for years. They don't know why people won't buy from them but they are trying to act like a giant corporation online. Or they play small and HIDE not knowing who they are marketing to trying to throw everything out there in the hopes something works.

I will help you to pinpoint your ideal client and help you find the language which speaks to your audience to help you make your offers SELL!

Marketing and Branding  The fun stuff right? You are on a budget and branding in the early days can be a hit and miss. Being the creative type sometimes we get shiny syndrome and our branding can look different week to week!  

(cue unicorn throwing up). In your time working with me, we will create a BRAND you can be proud of that reflects you and your business. I will show you the ropes how to use FREE online graphics programs to rock your own content! 

Pricing & Charging Your Worth This is always a pretty intense session. It sounds easy right create something and slap a price on it you would be prepared to pay? NOPE!

Together will work on preconditioned money blocks you may be having so we start you off right with your business. I will not have you going out in the world in your first year of business undercharging for your products and services!

You are going to get it right the first time so you are making a profit not running at loss always looking for new things to come up with to make that quick buck. 

Social Media Training & Support The entrepreneur's playground! Social media for some is either amazing and enjoyable or overwhelming and stressful.

I will help you to create a SYSTEM for managing your social media presence. I will share with you the places to hang out the places to stop wasting time in.

Social media especially when you are working from home can seem like a full-time job in itself.

It can be frustrating when you are spending all of the time on Facebook but are making no money back from booking clients. After our time together you will have people talking about what you do and asking how they can buy from you!! 

The topics I have mentioned above are what I integrate into your sessions with me.

The discussions and topics that come up in your coaching are endless. 

But I will make sure we cover what I see as the foundational basics!

As you are working with someone who understands your business model as a creative, healer, coach, intuitive. I understand the need for flexibility and movement in your coaching.

I intuitively work with your needs. If you need to process something in the session that day we address it there and then.

My commitment to you is to provide you with business coaching that is soulful yet practical and strategic when it comes to creating your business and marketing. 

I want to make sure you come out of our time together feeling confident, balanced & ready to make the big money!

So the important bits. 

What do we cover and how much?

You will have TWO sessions per month online via Zoom.

The business coaching you will recive

  • Duration 6 Months - 12 Sessions

  • Where? - Online via Zoom

  • Investment? - $300 Per Month