The Coaches Circle - Monthly Mastermind.

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I know what an investment it is when working with coaches, mentors, and professionals in your business. Not only for business development but personal development too. 

It can be quite an expense in the early days and daunting to reach out to people as well to ask them for help or advice. 



This is why Masterminds are an amazing tool to be a part of. 

You receive 1.1 support from not only the professional facilitator in this case ME!

Support from your peers and other professionals. 

You become a part of a tribe.

Where everyone gets to know your business.

Has eyes on your business. 

But it is not all one-sided.

YOU have the opportunity to reach out, help and support the others within the group during calls.

It becomes a beautifully balanced space of amazing soul aligned professionals. 

Sounds really amazing, doesn’t it?

That’s because it is. 

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Each month we will have a live 1.5hr call on Zoom. (everning mid week) AEST

During the call you will have your own time to ask me questions and then get the groups input. 

All calls will be recorded if you are unable to attend.

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The Coaches Circle Facebook Group.

Group support & file section containing all of my past trainings and resources. 

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Thinkific Learning Platform

Past online workshop trainings to download and watch at anytime.

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Discounted hourly sessions with me if you are a mastermind member. 

Business experts coming in live into the Facebook group to share knowlage with you.

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To grow quickly in business is to have an amazing support team. 


And I want to build that for YOU.

If your one of the smart chicks who take action.

Hit the link below and jump onto this amazing opportunity work with me at a really affordable rate in a beautiful group setting.