Struggling to find the clients. Make the sales?

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You have a great service.

You know what you do changes lives. But you reach out to people online and crickets.... 

Listen in. Don't be discouraged. Don't think they don't love you. 


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But I am really confused how I can work with her. What can she do for me?

Or this one "wow that sounds like a lot to tackle right now, I will leave her on my wish list when I am ready." 

The issues I see when you are not converting conversations and sales copy into paid clients can be such simple fixes when you understand the way your client buys. 

The main points that need tweaking in coaching and spiritual businesses are




In two sessions I will take a look at your current offerings and niche (If you already have one) 

We will work together to see what has been working and what maybe has not. 

I will help you to get back on track with a clear plan.  We will work on together your message and the marketing of your services. 

I will teach you all about emotional buying influences in buying and how that could be affecting your sales copy!

You will come out of your business reset clear and ready to convert your followers into paying clients! 

Duration? - x 2 - 1 Hour Sessions

Where? - Online via Zoom

Cost? - $320