What Is One Thing I Can Do To Help Me Sell On Instagram?

You want to attract clients and get real leads on Instagram. But it is not really happening, right? 



You are posting all day doing all the "things" and can not work out where you are going wrong. 

I hear this all the time then I go and have a look at my clients Instagram, and it is clear to me in about 2 seconds why Instagram as a platform is not converting likers into paying clients. 

It may take some thought but the actual action will take you about 30 seconds to change on Instagram!


So what is the golden ticket to converting? 

Making your BIO CLEAR! 

The biggest mistake I see is people making the bio all about them. Listing all their personal hobbies, #catmum and just random fluff you know? #truthbomb

Your business is not about you. You are in the business of solving problems even if you have a physical product. You solve a problem! 

So what do you need to do? #Igotchabackbaby 

Create an A to B statement. This needs to be clear and the first thing you put in your bio. 

This is an example of an A to B statement. 

I help new mums lose baby weight through clean eating and strength training to become strong and healthy.  

What you are doing here is calling in your client with your niche. You are showcasing yourself as the professional who specialises in this area. 

You are identifying who you help so they can say Oh that's me! You are sharing with them how you can help and the outcome they can have working with you. 

This takes away confusion. They get it and they will be more inclined to hit the follow button. They know you will have a purpose in their life. You are the person they identify as solving their problem.

It is crystal clear the outcome they will have when working with you. 

This is going to help you to convert your followers into clients and also help you grow your account with a loyal targeted following. 

So have a think about who it is you want to work with, what problem you solve and what outcome they will have when working with you. 

You can use this A to B statement everywhere in your marketing to showcase who you are and what it is that you do. 

Here is an example of how I have put my bio together! 



You will also notice I have put a link in my URL for a FREE ebook. This is called a call to action. I am asking my followers to give me their email in return for a free ebook. 

Why? Because this is the next level of converting my followers into paying clients!

I obtain the email address and then they are on my mailing list. They will get to know me further and of course I softly softly promote my paid products and services to them. 

Doing these two valuable steps sets you apart from the Instagram profiles that look like they are in hobby mode. If you are not calling out to your ideal client how are they going to know you offer a paid service and the next step is to buy from you?


Be CLEAR! Do the clients you have not even met yet a service by allowing them to buy from you. 

Promise me you will use the space in your bio wisely now. I love you, fellow mums. I know you love your fur baby. But keep that for later when they are getting to know you. No more #mumof3 #Catmum #Coffeeaddict. 

I would love to see your before and after feel free to tag me on Instagram.

Still unsure of how to market your message and services? Not sure how to use the Instagram platform but KNOW it is the second most used platform in 2018. 

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