Say goodbye to burnout - 16 Top Tips To Help You Create A Business Without Sacrificing Your Health Or Sanity.

So you’ve been doing this online biz thing for a while now and you’ve come to realise how much work it takes.

You may of come to realise it is so much more than just popping up a selfie saying buy my thing and the money rolls in. Oh no.

I hear you, you are starting to get tired.

When we have our own business it can seem that we are always switched on. Thinking about the next task we have to do. Seeing clients. Showing up on social media. It is very energetically draining especially in the early days when we wear many hats.

I have been through it myself I suffered burnout big time back in 2013 I was about to have my third baby and I was tired. Resentful and just had enough of working for myself you can read that blog post here.

So I get it I really do but I really wished I knew what I know now. Or even sat for a minute to give myself a break. Took the expectations off my OWN shoulders.

So today I want to give you some really valuable tips how you can run a business without feeling like you are sacrificing your own sanity or values in life.

You are the CEO always remember that. If you are not taking care of your own needs and scheduling time for yourself you can not run a sustainable business. Sacrificing sleep to hustle to 4am then getting up at 7am is not going to work in the long run. And lets be honest. You are probably not preforming at your best when you are feeling like an exhausted pigeon.

MOVE your body. Stagnant energy is moved on energetically. You will stop being in consuming mode and your brain can go into creation mode! Awesome hey?! Sitting for long periods of time is not good for the bum or the brain!

Don’t like doing something in your business? Is it taking 10 hours when it would take someone else 1 hour? Outsource as quickly as you can in your business. No budget to do so? Look on Fiver or maybe exchange services with someone to benefit you both! Don’t get stuck on putting your energy into something that feels draining.

Schedule in social catch ups. No more living in your little bubble ok? Make time to talk about something other than business! Our friends and family are the ones that lift us up. Go fill your cup! Feeling isolated? Step out of your comfort zone and find local events / communities you may want to participate in.

Boundaries with time. I myself got caught out with this one. Stick to a time daily where you log off. No more social media. No more responding to clients enquiries. Set a time that works for you where you are still able to log off. Go spend time with family, chill out or read a book. Tired pigeon remember?

Find something that lights you up that is not work related. A new hobby, a craft? Unplug and relax.

Go outside! Fresh air. Vitamin D. The ground to centre and ground your energy. Need I say more?

Set achievable goals feeling like you are always chasing the next thing and the next thing is going to have your adrenals going CRAZY! Set small goals in your business and tick them off one at a time. I would rather you do 2 things really well and see it from start to finish than have the stress and 20 unfinished projects at all times.

Change your routine up I get so uninspired and BORED when it is groundhog day. Change up your weekly schedule when you are starting to feel restless! This could even mean taking the laptop to a cafe instead of sitting at the desk.

A YOU day once a week. No plans. Just you doing what you want to do. Have a social media detox for 24 hours. Watch how inspired you come back!

Set time for certain things to reduce procrastination or being distracted. So checking emails at 3pm. Set aside a chunk say 45mins if your emails are really red hot. Then that is it!

Surround yourself with good people who understand your vision. This one is huge. Working as a solo entrepreneur can be really isolating. Reach out and connect with like minded people. The energy boost will serve you well!

HAVE FUN! If you can not be yourself in business. What are you even doing?! Make sure you bring laughter and fun to your business model. What does your brand look like? Is it engaging and fun? Does it light you up? If it doesn’t how can other people get excited about what you have to offer?!

Take note of your values and stick to them? What does your day look like? What is important to you? Is it making sure you sit down as a family and eat by a certain time? Having your own boundaries in place and knowing what your day looks like makes it a lot easier to take the pressure off. Creates expectations for when you are “working” and when you are not with clients as well. They will just start to realise after 8pm you are not available!

Know that you can not do everything. This was another big reality check for me. My business was actually moving a lot slower because I was doing EVERYTHING! Prioritise what matters. All of the time!

Remember why you started in the first place. When I get low vibe and think nope nope I want to run and hide. I think about why I started in the first place. For me it was to support other women so they could pursue their passion and get paid for it. So that is changing lives right?! And to be able to support my children while being present. I also read my client feedback. That usually lives me the reality check I need that if I give up I am actually doing a great disservice!

Remember the whole reason you started was to create a better quality of life for yourself. Running your own business does not mean you need to sacrifice your health in the meantime. Their will be no huge pay off when you finally get there financially if you do not have your health.


Be kind to yourself. You’ve got a big job to do. The world needs to see you shine.

If you are struggling in your business to make it all work I invite you to get in touch I would love to support you in any way that I can.