Foundational Pillars Of Content You Should Be Sharing On Social Media.

So many online entrepreneurs say to me

“I don’t know what to put on my social media platforms in the way of content”

“I am always posting as I go in the moment and my content doesn’t really get many reactions”.

Or the BIG one I block my ears when they tell me.

They post very rarely on their own online platforms. Eppp!

This is what has prompted this blog post today. I want to introduce to you the marketing strategy around the foundational content you should have scheduled in your social media channels at ALL TIMES.

These are the foundational pillars that create a really good base for all of your social media posts. Marketing is all about story telling. So once you become comfortable with telling your own story and educating people what you are about it becomes really easy to create content based around these pillars.

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  • Who I work with - Call out your ideal client. Tell the world who it is YOU want to work with. Paint the picture for them who it is. A beautiful way I love doing this is to write a post being a “letter to my ideal client”. I write to her letting her know I understand where she is at and how I can help her. This always gets a lot of love when posted on my Facebook page.

  • How I help - What is your niched service? What is the service you promote to lead your clients in with? Educate your followers on what your session / coaching consists of. How it works, how you support them and what outcomes they may achieve.

  • Who are you? - So who are you? Remember if you are doing this thing right new people are going to come across you all the time!

    You want to allow them to get to know you. This post should be scheduled on a weekly basis. What is your story?

    Humans want to get to know humans.

    Use this as a space to put yourself out there. Create trust. Allow your ideal client to be able to resonate with you. They want to get to know you. They want to know that you have been through or understand their struggles. This is a really good way to build that authentic loyal following that fall in love with you for who you are and what you are about.

    Your story is your best testimonial don’t be afraid to be real and raw. Everyone is going to love you even more!

  • Why do you do what you do? - This could be another part of your own personal story or you could share a case study about a past client. Why are you so passionate about what you do? Why would your client choose you? I want to be able to trust that YOU have the skill set and the passion to support me. So please allow me to get to know you further as to why you do what you do! Why did you start in the first place?

  • Lastly What do you stand for? AKA Getting ranty sometimes. - What are your core values?

    What makes you different in your industry?

    What fires you up?

    Sharing why you are passionate. What you are passionate about also fires up your potential clients. It helps them see that they may also have the same values as you or even get ranty about the same things as you. This creates conversation where you are leading the way!

    Authentic connections and tribe building. Your vibe attracts your tribe remember!

I hope your head is buzzing with ideas now on the foundational content that you can now schedule into your social media pages.

Along with this weekly blog posts you may be sharing ,expert tips and the fun behind the scenes stuff. You should have a very full weeks planned ahead of time!

Reach out if this was helpful to you I would love to know!