Boundaries & Pricing How They Go Together.

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Clear boundaries on pricing and why? 

Are you charging enough for your time?

What if I told you, You do have TIME & Money to get a massage once a fortnight?

The topic of money with soul entrepreneurs can be a touchy one because we all come from a place of heart and value and feel our clients NEED our service so we try and be assessable to everyone.
This is true to an extent but what happens here is the line gets very foggy and a lot of people end up working for free or over give in their service.

This means creating a session for a client who gets a, b, c they know they are going to get these services and outcomes from you in the session and are happy with your rate. BUT then after the session, you email them 10 pdfs workbooks and add on a follow up free session.

Sound familiar? This example is from someone I have actually worked with as a client!

It undervalues your time, your experience.

The outcome for the client, your previous studies & innate skills that only YOU have (that's the connection part) That's why people value you! Own it!

I want you to realise to create a beautiful flowing business you need to value the CEO, YOU!

When you charge accordingly for your time and services you are creating room in your business for you to have balance as well. Imagine what you could work in based on actually charging what you are worth?!
Could you see 4 clients instead of 6 and get a massage every fortnight?
This is the reason why we start our empires in the first place is not to feel overworked undervalued and time poor.

I want you to create a business you LOVE that serves YOU as well as your clients.

If you would like me to help you with all the gears of pricing and services reach out I am always happy to have a chat X

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