Not Another Facebook Group?! Why Should I Create One?


First of all, I am going to jump straight in and answer the burning question I am always asked. Do I need a Facebook group?

I usually chat with clients that are on both sides of the fence. One side says I want to create one because I will put my effort into that because no one can see my stuff on my business page. 

The other side of the fence says NO more Facebook groups! Too many already and I an not manage another thing. 

Alright so here is the thing. Yes, there are a lot of Facebook groups out there. And I mean a lot. But listen in I am going to show you why I DO believe you need one when you are building a business and a personal brand. 

Total disclaimer here as well. Will building a group be easy? No. Will it bring you in millions of dollars in the first 12 months. Probably not.

It will take time and patience but if done correctly it is going to set you up with client leads in the long-term picture. 

The reason why I want you to create a Facebook group is that in the first 1-2 years of business especially I want you to focus on building a loyal tribe. When we are creating our own personal brands we need to get within the community and have conversations about what we do and strike up the conversation. 

I want you to lead the way and create this for your tribe. If you are wanting to create a loyal tribe and be able to engage with them you need to think about where you are going to do this?

Is it in the comments on your Instagram? On your Facebook business page?

Talking in the comments and replying will work in the short term.

But if you can create an engaged conversation where you are leading the way with topics and have all of this living within a Facebook group you will win every single time in the long run. 

Don't get me wrong. This is not SHOW all about you. The purpose of creating a community is just that. A community. You want to create a place where like-minded people hang out. Where they get just as much value out of the group as you do. 

Where they feel they have a voice.

I want you to see this as being a way to create a safe place to have the deeper conversations with your tribe. Where you lead the way. Your community is going to like you. Trust you. Know you. And buy from you. In the long game. 


My top tips for growing a Facebook Group


  • Create a searchable simple niched name - Ie Clean eating for women - Healing anxiety with essential oils.

The minute I changed my group name to something people were actually searching for my group has grown organically like wildflower. Again remember not about you, about them. Creating a branded group with your name when no one knows who you are is not going to grow quickly and you are going to have to slug it out to grow that baby! 

  • Engage with your tribe - Go live ask questions!

I know you are thinking. Like Duh Romana. You would think hey? But I see this over and over again. People get excited. Create a group, post in it for 4 weeks straight. Burnout and the group's interaction drops and it goes to Facebook Group Zombie land. People are not going to make the effort to post in YOUR group unless you do. Long-term gain remember. You are building brand awareness and presence. 

Facebook will also reward you for doing so! If your group is really engaged and lots of posts are being made it will suggest it to people searching for similar groups. 


  • Don't spam everyone with your sales copy

I know it is your group and you want a return on investment. But settle petal. Be the leader. Play by your own rules. Of course, it is your group and you can break them every now and then if you have something really awesome to share. But again it is not about you. Take it easy and resist the urge! Create brilliant content that will convert quicker in the long term than sales posts spammy mc spammed everywhere in your group. 


  • Run challenges in your group

This has and is continuing to work really well for me. It gives people a reason to show up and engage. Invite people in and they get VALUE out of being apart of the challenge that is within my group. Oh, and it also showcases me within MY tribe as being the person with the expertise. Winner winner for everyone. 


  • Take advantage of the ask entering questions option. 

You can request people who are asking to join your group to answer questions before they are approved. Be smart and ask the RIGHT questions. Feel free to use mine. 

I ask where did you find this Facebook group. - Awesome for you to track

I ask them what they want to learn from me - This will help you with content all over the place!

I tell them to leave their email if they would like my free ebook. 95% of people say yes and pop it in.  - This helps me grow my list and brand awareness and niche services. 


I hope this has inspired you to create your own tribe on Facebook within a group. It has such potential to really serve you well within your business if you put in the time and effort your tribe deserves.

If you have any questions I invite you to get in touch! Let's Talk

And of course here is your VIP invitation to jump into my Facebook group to see how we roll over there!

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