Help no one can see me! Tips to getting really visible online.


Alright you've got something really amazing to share. 

You know you change lives and you may even have a product you know is AMAZING but crickets right?

You want to know how do I sell what I have to offer online?

You tell me not to work for FREE Romana so how the hell do I get people to BUY my thing? 

You ready? 

You may not like what I am about to say but I am all about dealing #truthbombs. 

No one is going to buy your thing if they don't know who the fuck you are. 

Like honestly. You know when someone comes to your door to ask you about your energy provider? We can not shut that door quick enough. It is almost a little bit like. Whatttt are YOU doing disturbing me? WHY are you at my door. 

Ok maybe that is just crazy little me. HA!

But you see my point here right? We can have a human standing in front of us even with the most amazing thing ever but if we don't know them. Don't have any connection to them we become very dismissive. 

It is the same online. We are all so absorbed in the scroll of social media we don't pay attention to people we don't know.

We have no emotional pull towards them and women in particular buy with EMOTION.

Ether because we resonate and like that person we are buying from, we have created a like and trust for them creating an emotional pathway to them in our brain. OR because they have struck an emotion in us and they can solve a problem for us. 

This is the way people buy. 

And in the online world becoming visible does not have to be hard. It can take time yes. But it can be done. I am going to share with you how I made 15k just from advertising my services in OTHER PEOPLES Facebook groups last year. 

So yes Facebook groups is where the party is at. Organic marketing for the win. These babies cost you $0.

I want you to focus on 3 - 4 Facebook groups (You can find mine here

Now don't go in and drop your promotional stuff and run. Yuk you are not going to get any sales that way. 

Get into these groups and create some really awesome connections. Respond to questions within the groups. Share your knowledge. Allow real humans who may be your ideal client to get to know you!

What you will gain is so much more than just paying clients. You will gain a network of women who have your back. They will get to know what you do even if they are not ready to work with you or personally do not need your services. They will be the ones who tag you and shout your name from the rooftops when someone is in need of your help. 

The value you bring and what you get back is truly amazing within the online communities of women entrepreneurs. Find the right groups and you will start to understand what I mean. 

When you are choosing your groups I want you to also do it from a strategic point of view.

Choose to focus on groups where you KNOW your ideal client is hanging out. So it may be a support group for mothers as an example if you work with mums with PND. 

Another group I want you to join is one YOU can learn and grow. So of course my Facebook group would be fabulous for this! ;) 

And of course feel the vibe of the group. Give it a go for a while if it isn't for you move on and go searching for the right fit. Of course you want to make sure that you are following group guidelines if they have theme days etc. And feel aligned with the group facilitator. 


The other way to become more visible online is to actually be present online! I know you are thinking simple right? 

WRONG! Some peeps think ok I have a Facebook page a Instagram account I have uploaded some random stuff and now I am going to make money online because people can find me. 


This is not going to work. Not at all. If anything it can turn potential clients away! If I am looking for someone to work with I head to the Facebook page I want to see basically a mini website. I want to see fresh NEW posts on the wall and an about section that gives me all the answers I need. Who are they? What are they about? Can they help me?

So creating content like a machine is going to lead in your clients. Choose two social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are my favourites. And master them.

Produce content everywhere. Document your life. Allow your following to get to know you as a real human as well as a professional business owner. Share tips and hints. Educate them on why you do what you do. What results can you help them achieve? What outcomes can you help with?

Listen in.. 

Truth bomb coming. Unless you are being present online creating content. So popping into Facebook groups making connections and actually promoting your thing. Providing content on your own platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you CAN NOT say that say it doesn't work and you are not visible. 

It does take work. A lot of work. It takes time. 

But the more you put yourself out there. The more you allow people to see who you are and promote your thing. The quicker it will happen for you. 

If you are struggling with your marketing and your message and are still pulling your hair out with this online thing. 

Please get in touch I would love to help!