Creating boundaries and having systems in your business is going to bring in the money honey.


I am going to make this a quick one today. I want to give you some food for thought. 

Are you an inspo coach? Or a paid coach? 

Having boundaries and systems may just be the thing that helps you to go from inspo to paid. 

You are probably sitting there thinking " what on earth is she talking about?"

Bare with me here. 

A lot of clients I work with that are not getting paid clients walking in the door are very busy being busy on social media giving away everything for FREE.

Yep, that's right. They don't realise what they are doing. 
They think they are helping people. 
And this is what you have to do when you are starting out. 

You help everyone for FREE.

Nope. Nope, Nope. 

This is where boundaries come in. They have no personal business boundaries! They are spending all day creating free content that is fantastic and then when it comes time to convert over to a paying client. 

They then go on coaching that person for FREE on Facebook messenger.

Or the spiritual entrepreneur thinks she has to do 100 free readings so people will validate her service. 

Please stop! Listen in. 

You do not have to be available all of the time within your business on social media. 

It is ok to have boundaries and ask for the sale when you KNOW you should be getting paid for the service you are providing.

You do not have to work for free to establish yourself as a person with an expertise. 

If you want to offer freebies on your terms great. This is not what I am saying here. 

What I want for you is to validate your worth and start having stronger boundaries with your potential clients with your time and around money. 

You are actually doing them a disservice by not allowing them to work with you within your paid services and programs. They deserve to get the most from you. 

So this is where having systems in place are going to compliment you having awesome fucking boundaries. This is going to take you from Inspo fluffy nice coach that no one is willing to pay. To the paid coach people respect and value. 

So let's do a pinky promise now - Please no more coaching or free readings via PM. 

Start using a really good booking system in your business. I recommend Acuity. It is the KING of online booking systems it will also take payments for you. No more back and forth chasing money either. 

(Check out Acuity here)

How this is going to go hand in hand with boundaries. 

When a potential client enquires about your services you will not feel like you have to go around in circles answering questions via Pm to validate why they should choose you. You will have a clear system in place where you send them. 

It is going to separate the time wasters from the people who are ready willing and value your time and expertise. Because they are the ones that will book right away and PAY you for your time. 

You will no longer feel like the there's that elephant in the room of going back and forth having another sales conversation about how you can help them. And with them trying to draw out of you free advice. 

You will be able to confidently cut out the process of feeling like you need to justify to them why you are the one they should choose, and if asking for payment makes you feel icky. (Which it shouldn't) 

But if that makes you feel uncomfortable especially in the early days you will have a booking system to forward them onto which will collect payment for you and they can book themselves in online. 

Having a professional system you take your clients though is not only going to help you save time. Stop the unnecessary conversations back and forth it is going to provide your clients with an easy way to book with you. 

Making the process a positive one from start to finish for the both of you. 

So tell me, 

Are you a inspo coach or a PAID coach?  

Rock your boundaries, own your worth. 
You are the CEO of your business.
Get paid and do it with ease with systems in your business to support your growth! 

If you are not really techy and the thought of creating systems is just scary to you. Get in touch and I would be more than happy to work with you and help you to create amazing automated systems in your business!

Work with me.