3 Content Ideas that will help you gain traction in your business.

Putting out content but feel like you are just the "inspo coach" not the PAID coach?


1. Your story

Share with your followers your story. Not sure where to start?

Share what lead you to where you are now. Focus on your own A to B statement. Where you once were. How you personally created change in your own life. This will attract your ideal client who wants to work with someone who resonates with their own story. You are your businesses best testimonial. 


2.  Easy to consume content

Just like this! Bite-sized easy to consume content! Give your audience something they can put into action right away! Give them a win! Showcase yourself in your zones of genius! 

Create posts with catchy titles that solve a problem. 

Ie - 5 ways to relax - 3 top tips to a nailing a morning routine - 5 top tips to more energy. 

You get the idea now! 


3. Share why you do what you do

You can do this by sharing a snippet of your own story. But be mindful this one is not about you. It is about your client. Talk about the outcomes your client is going to have when working with you. 


That motivates you to do what you do right?!


I hope this has inspired you to create some really awesome content!