Who Inspires You? A Little Girl Power Today

I am sitting here after an awesome chat with a like-minded heart centred soul sister. And after throwing ideas around about our businesses and life in general, our chat got me thinking what inspires me?

What is it really that gives me that buzz and that feeling that I am in fact raising my vibration. That I am putting good energy out into the world and I am living in my truth?
And there is it, I know I knew this all along but it kind of hit me like a whammy , I get inspired by other women, Being who they are doing their thing and shining their light into this world.

We all second guess ourselves sometimes but I find when we are around people who are on the same vibe/wave length as us it seems to give us a tunnel vision and we start to see our worth and light we shine. When we lift one another up we no longer see faults in ourselves, Our "stuff" doesn't seem to matter as we are so focused on the other person.

Us women need one another! When we stick together and love one another amazing things happen. We can heal one another, support one another and most of all raise each other up.

For so long women have felt the need to compete with one another and I feel in 2016 women are finally getting the message. All over the world things need to change and we cannot keep knocking our fellow sisters down.

So next time you are feeling a little down, Or want to reach out to someone or just have a chat with a good friend PLEASE do!

It's our job to make the next generation of women RISE UP and love their sisters.