The Mind Scope Logic VS Intuition

Today I want to talk about the mind scope and that inner argument that can go on in our minds when it comes to intuition. This is a topic that seems to come up a lot with my clients, The ones that know they are intuitive but come to me and say "I can never trust my own intuition". I can help other people with what I feel and see but I can not seem to just make the leap when I feel something for myself and put it into motion.



This can present as getting that gut feeling about something but then talking themselves out of it just in case they are wrong.

Sound familiar? It's not only you I promise. I want you to tell you all about the mind scope and let you in on a few little facts about how our brain works.

We have two sides of our brain.The left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. 

Left is Mrs Logical - This side of the brain processes thoughts as facts, it is task and result oriented, It's always restless and never feels it's got enough time. So processes things QUICKLY.

Now, this is where the intuitive thoughts are always in a battle for power because....

The right hemisphere is Mrs creative this is where the creativity comes out, This is your intuitive side of your brain, Idealistic, Expressive and your inner child hangs out in these parts too.

When your brain receives a new message " idea/thought " it goes searching for information to back it up to see if it is something that is safe or something it should send a warning signal to the nervous system about.

When the brain feels the unknown it will release it as fear. Hello over thinking, Hello intuitive thoughts that get suppressed because we doubt ourselves and our abilities.

The process happens like this to put it simply.

Intuitive download comes through the right side of your brain - creative intuitive side

Then it gets flicked over to the left side of the brain  - logical side of the brain

Lefty didn't download this so it starts to try to make sense of what to do with the information and as it's an intuitive download it cannot process it, The left side of the brain goes looking for the comfort of past information to back this new information up.

It looks for factual information that this has been seen and heard of before therefore making it SAFE.

You know what happens next right?

Left side of the brain hits the big red button Warning Warning!

I don't know what to do with this it doesn't make sense to me it must be unsafe!!

So it then turns into doubt, loss of self-confidence to trust inner intuitive thought processes. Before you have even started to trust what you've been given from source you have talked yourself out of it. "I must be wrong? I could be wrong "

Sounds like a long lengthy process when we talk it all out here and lay it all out doesn't it?

This process can be over and done with within a few seconds!

So what can we do to strengthen the right side of the brain?

It's like any skill we need to exercise it and practice!

Getting creative doing anything arty and crafty is using the left side of the brain. Practice Practice Practice using spiritual tools and get out the oracle cards!

The more you feel comfortable and can back yourself with the result of factual events that your intuition was right about both sides of your brain will start to work in sync with each other!

Meditation is also AH-MAZING for strengthening that intuitive side of your brain.

So go on and start small creating new routines and new ways of thinking. Your mind body and soul will thank you for it!