Suffering Burnout Out While Running A Business, My Story.

I felt the need to write this today as it seems my day has all been about reflecting about that time I myself suffered from burn out in my business, chucked a big tanty and sold up shop. Quite literally.

I had just had my third baby was breastfeeding and worried about money. Thinking about needing to return to working in my business again as I worked for myself and if I took time off the business stopped and finances suffered.



As I sat there with my new baby in my arms going back in my memory to months prior of clients calling me at 10 pm at night to tell me about the fight they had just had with their partner or the clients that like to call really really early in the morning to book in for that day. (Then get upset at you that you can not fit them in)

I really really started to resent my work and started to forget why I started in the first place. You see my background is holistic health and wellbeing. I had been in the industry for as long as I could remember and I will admit to you now, I thought the pressures of clients and working late into the night was just how it was to make decent money.

I was working back to back doing clairvoyant and spiritual bodywork. I was buggered.

So back to the tanty. I sold up shop and within a month all was locked in and I vowed never to walk back into the industry again.

So this brings me to where I am now. Well seems I am back in one way or another, I ended up staying away for about three years. But as it happens in this industry when you are born to help and be around people you always end up coming back.

Life has changed in the three years, We moved out further up to the country and our family situation has changed, And so have I. I learnt the hard way in 2014 two years after selling up shop I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. If you haven't met my mate Fibro before I will give you a quick introduction.

Fibro is my unwanted housemate. She's a bitch like her sister chronic fatigue. They are quite similar except Fibro brings nerve pain with it and a lot more of the "fun stuff" brain fog, Ibs and so much more.

If that wasn't a reality check that I really wasn't and hadn't looked after myself I don't know what would of been.

I have seen what works and what doesn't on my travels and I have been the one to burn myself out.

So I have a huge passion for making sure it doesn't happen to the people I have around me working in this industry.

Because this industry is so client lead. So many practitioners feel like I did, that they have to be available all of the time to their clients.

They have this fear based emotion that if they don't take on every client and make themselves available 24.7 the clients will start drying up and so will the money coming in.

Oh and speaking of money, The money blocks where a lot of practitioners are having to work so hard for their weekly wage because they are not charging accordingly per hour.

Can you see how this is a recipe for burn out? I did it, I know first hand!

I wanted to share my story with you this week because maybe you are starting to feel like I did. Feeling like you are working 40 hours a week for a couple of 100 dollars and never seem to have the time to practice self-care and regain that balance back in your business.

Your beautiful business needs its CEO looked after, Remember on the aeroplane if the oxygen mask isn't on your first you cannot help anyone else?

I want you to take a step back and action 3 things for me this week

Look at your pricing.

Do you feel it is validating the service you provide? Is it allowing you to be able to take time off when needed?

2.  Schedule in time for YOU even if its an hour a week, Go for a walk, swim do some yoga whatever it is that makes you feel centred and ALIVE!

3. Look at other ways you can help people in a group setting with a set monthly income coming into your business.

Take the pressure off having to find new clients all the time. Find a way you can continue to give your current clients more value.

I just want you to sit down an remember why you started in the first place. To create the structure in your business is to help YOU.

Owning your own business doesn't have to be hard, and it defiantly doesn't mean working 7 days a week!

(Ok maybe I am talking about my past self here)

Because that's what she thought!


If you want to have a chat with maybe about a restructure of your services and pricing my door is always open.

Get in contact with me here lets chat!