Natural Support For Emotional Well-Being

Managing emotional health is one of the top health priorities women have when working with me. They want a natural solution to ether to support their health professionals advice. Or they wish to manage anxiety and overwhelm with essential oils.

The underlying issue of stress and the emotional rollercoaster we can sometimes feel like we are on can come down to fear. Limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves. Or the fear of the unknown.

Essential oils not only support the emotion that presents at the time. But they also can go deeper on a aromic level within the brain helping you to start gently doing the work to clear past stagnant energies.


Why Aroma impacts the mood

Our brain is designed to use aroma to soothe and protect itself. As we inhale an essential oil, the aroma meets our brain in the olfactory bulb also know as the emotional brain.  It triggers a series of chemicals. For example, lavender triggers serotonin, which has a relaxing effect on the mind and body.




How can you use Essential Oils for mood Management?

  • Palm inhale - Add a drop to your palms and rub together. Then cup your hands over your nose and mouth inhale deeply. 

  • Diffuser - Simply add 3-10 drops of essential oil to your diffuser and let it run close to where you are. Bedside table/office. 

  • Mists - Add oils to misting bottles. Spitz into the air as needed.  (Great for children who have trouble sleeping! Make a sleep blend and call it the "Good Dreams Blend" 

  • On the skin - Apply oils to the bottom of the feet, back of the neck or along the spine. They absorb into your skin and enter your bloodstream to come in contact with carrier cells.  (Always dilute) 


Top oils to support emotional state 

Ylang Ylang - Calms and relaxes the mind and body

Lemon - Reduces anxious and sad feelings, as does clary sage when used aromatically.

Chamomile - Improves focus and decreased hyperactivity in teenagers.

Melissa - Reduces stress without slowing activity level.

Orange - Reduces anxiousness and increases productivity.

Peppermint - Supports cognitive proformance and mood. (Intern. J Nerurosceince; 2008)