Honouring Your Needs And Wants. What Does It Really Look Like?

What does it mean really? I know this statement of honouring our needs and wants is thrown around a lot these days in the wellness and personal development industry.

To me, I feel it means to really stand in your power.

To speak up for what you really want, what you need and really get to know yourself in such a way you KNOW what serves you.



Does it sound simple?  Maybe for some. But for some people, it really isn't just yet. They may have been this person in the past and have since gone through a time in their life where they have gone into shut down mode.

They have lost the ability to put themselves first. This can come after a major life change, stress & PTSD. I would almost explain it as a way to not focus on the painful stuff going within but to just focus on everything else and everyone else to stop the pain.


I know it can feel like a huge mountain to climb to feel like yourself again. But you can start small and start with these 3 steps...


Create boundaries.

Listen to your intuition here. If something doesn't feel right and it makes you feel uncomfortable it's OK to say NO.


Stop being available all the time. 

A lot of people who have trouble meeting their own needs are people pleasers. They are so afraid to disappoint someone else they will take on tasks that send them on that extra mile even if it costs them their sanity or health. It is OK to be selfish sometimes and make it all about what you want.

Create time for yourself.

To find your voice is to know what you want to say. Give yourself the gift of time. Create some self-care rituals and start to enjoy your own company again. Get to know yourself to the depths of your soul. What are your desires?

What is important to you?

It will awaken that fire within you to discover more about yourself. To really love and take care of yourself.

Take a bath full of beautiful Essential Oilsand float around with rose petals. Set the intention to love and honour yourself at that moment. Buy the book you have had your eye on for a while. Whatever lights you up do that!


Taking small steps with our daily routines and mindset really do make a difference.


When we take back the control of our own energy we can then create change within our mind and body.