Finding Joy - What Can It Mean?

Today I wanted to chat with you about taking a leap of faith it could be within your life to reach out and do something you've always wanted to do or it could be within your business.

Last week I was very lucky to have attended a workshop by Joy Fairhall - called The power of joy.

It was truly amazing and it was all about finding joy in the here and now. But for me, it also translated into the message of taking a leap of faith to do what is best for you at that moment.

How can you find joy right now?
Can you look around where you are sitting right now and see or feel something that lights you up inside?

It also spoke a loud message to me about boundaries.
What was stopping me from finding joy?
Did I need to speak up about needing extra help around the house?
Would that reduce stress for me to find joy in other things I was trying to focus on?

Outsourcing in my business so I have time to do things I enjoy?

We learnt all about finding joy and happiness the key is to be present.

What does being present mean? To stop the monkey brain. AKA 200 million tabs open in your brain. When we stop the overload all the time it creates the space for us to focus on the here and now and to ENJOY it.

It is the little things, right?

Another message I took from this workshop was to enable myself to make the time to create happiness and joy. And yes it was to create boundaries!

With my clients with my family, friends etc. I stopped saying yes to everything years ago. OH YEAH!!

But to take it one step further to really make the point so people to value your time. Stop the resentment of feeling like you are on call all the time. Take back the joy in what you do and how you serve your people, or how your circle of friends and family values YOUR time.

So see how you go this week I will give you some homework to take away.

Stop and focus on YOU.

What can you do to reconnect with what makes you happy?
It could be painting, walking, going to the gym, meditation. It is all about finding time to be YOU.