Feeling tired all of the time? What could your body be trying to tell you?

One of the main questions I get from a holistic perspective is WHY am I so tired?

Here is is what your body may be trying to tell you.

You're fighting to get to many things done, and you're pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Procrastination is also a big one to look out for are you busy doing all of the things but achieving nothing?
Bordem and frustration can present to us as feeling TIRED.



What can you do? 

Make sure you are giving your brain enough fuel. Iron-enriched foods (Think greens) and lots of water.

Hydrate Hydrate

and Hydrate. 2-3ltrs per day esp in summer. Our body loses at least 12 cups per day. Our body doesn't store water!(Brain fog also doesn't help when feeling tired!)

If you are having ongoing problems go and get your iron and B12 levels checked by a doctor.

MOVE your body. I know I know. You're tired. Work with me here. Go for a 30-minute walk every day. This will start to release beautiful endorphins to the brain and kick-start your gut health when you fuel the body correctly.

Most of all schedule in non-negotiables that light you up!!!!