What Is The Best Way To Dispel Your Clients!? Confuse Them!

When you are a spiritual entrepreneur or a coach. 

Be mindful of the language you are using to explain what you do and what outcomes your clients have. 

I have read a thread today where awesome peeps responded to what it is they do. 

And I come out really unsure what they actually do. Like what can you help me with? 

All I know is I’ll be empowered. A goddess. I’ll be re connected to my inner self. My inner guidance is going to help me solve all my problems I’m currently having. 

And if I knew my inner guidance had all the answers I’m not sure the process you are going to take me though to make it all happen. 

I’m confused. Not sure if I understand what it’s going to take on my part. And it all sounds a bit overwhelming. 

But I’m not sure which one of them problems you can actually help with and if it’s relevant to me. 

I am saying this with love and being in the industry for 10 years I love and respect you all. 💕

But please for your client break it down into everyday terms they will resonate with. 

A to B statement. That’s all. 

I help women heal from —— by doing this ——- or by teaching them this ———