Help I've pissed off Bob the neighbour. My business model is a MLM - Multi Level Marketing.

If you are new to this whole business thing and you have entered via the business model MLM you might be working out now, after the excitement of joining your new venture has died down it is going to take some work.

I see this all the time with new business owners and mlm business owners they get discouraged and frustrated.

Now don’t get me wrong I think MLM businesses are a good thing. But believe me when I say you are not going to make a million dollars in the next 12 months I can promise you that!


The problem I see when people burst into this business model especially one that has a product that is leading the way they can come across as spammy. Unfortunately the training in many of these organisations they tell you to write down 100 friends, book 100 parties and you will be on your way to success. WRONG!

The way to make this thing work is to lead people in with YOU.

Humans want to get to know humans.

We want to know why something works.

We want to know how you felt when you used your product.

Did you have results?

Can you give us a real time explanation? We are curious creatures us humans!

The MLM business model CAN work but you need to put some thought into HOW it is going to work for YOU.

As with any other business it is your job to become a really good marketer. How you do this is by story telling.

Marketing is just really good story telling right?!

Educate and share with your audience about yourself, your experiences and your views.

Why should they be using the product you promote?

My advice to ALL people who have a MLM business no matter what you sell is to lead and market themselves as a personal brand.

So yes this means running your business under your own name.

This creates the trust factor. People get to know you online see what you are all about. Hopefully if you are utilising your IG stories, they are getting to know you on a personal level as well.

This helps you to softly softly sell. Turning it around into a space where your audience doesn’t feel like you get on social media to sell the products first and foremost. You just share value and just so happen to recommend the product you are affiliated with.

I also want you to niche down who you are trying to sell your product to?

Would it suit young families?

Would mums with small babies benefit?

Have a think who your target market is.

Never think niche doesn’t apply to a product based business!

So please please ignore your up-line when they tell you to sell everyone even 70 year old Bob down the road.


Treat it like affiliate marketing.You provide a product and get a commission for selling it.

Another way you can bring in sales into an existing business is to migrate your products into services you already sell. So for an example as an add on to a course or within gift boxes for VIP clients / retreats. 

Unfortunately MLM and direct sales have got a bad wrap because of the old school marketing they teach. Hello spammy mc spam.

But I think they are a great lead in to the business world for some women.

The aim of the game here is to think outside the box.

Come up with your own content.

That means no more copy and pasting from your companies website. (That screams robot)

Lead with YOU. This will also give you room to move and grow your business well into the future.

I hope this has been helpful for you! If it has let me know in the comments below!

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