Help I've pissed off Bob the neighbour. My business model is a MLM - Multi Level Marketing.

If you are new to this whole business thing and you have entered via the business model MLM you might be working out now, after the excitement of joining your new venture has died down it is going to take some work.

I see this all the time with new business owners and mlm business owners they get discouraged and frustrated.

Now don’t get me wrong I think MLM businesses are a good thing. But believe me when I say you are not going to make a million dollars in the next 12 months I can promise you that!


The problem I see when people burst into this business model especially one that has a product that is leading the way they can come across as spammy. Unfortunately the training in many of these organisations they tell you to write down 100 friends, book 100 parties and you will be on your way to success. WRONG!

The way to make this thing work is to lead people in with YOU.

Humans want to get to know humans.

We want to know why something works.

We want to know how you felt when you used your product.

Did you have results?

Can you give us a real time explanation? We are curious creatures us humans!

The MLM business model CAN work but you need to put some thought into HOW it is going to work for YOU.

As with any other business it is your job to become a really good marketer. How you do this is by story telling.

Marketing is just really good story telling right?!

Educate and share with your audience about yourself, your experiences and your views.

Why should they be using the product you promote?

My advice to ALL people who have a MLM business no matter what you sell is to lead and market themselves as a personal brand.

So yes this means running your business under your own name.

This creates the trust factor. People get to know you online see what you are all about. Hopefully if you are utilising your IG stories, they are getting to know you on a personal level as well.

This helps you to softly softly sell. Turning it around into a space where your audience doesn’t feel like you get on social media to sell the products first and foremost. You just share value and just so happen to recommend the product you are affiliated with.

I also want you to niche down who you are trying to sell your product to?

Would it suit young families?

Would mums with small babies benefit?

Have a think who your target market is.

Never think niche doesn’t apply to a product based business!

So please please ignore your up-line when they tell you to sell everyone even 70 year old Bob down the road.


Treat it like affiliate marketing.You provide a product and get a commission for selling it.

Another way you can bring in sales into an existing business is to migrate your products into services you already sell. So for an example as an add on to a course or within gift boxes for VIP clients / retreats. 

Unfortunately MLM and direct sales have got a bad wrap because of the old school marketing they teach. Hello spammy mc spam.

But I think they are a great lead in to the business world for some women.

The aim of the game here is to think outside the box.

Come up with your own content.

That means no more copy and pasting from your companies website. (That screams robot)

Lead with YOU. This will also give you room to move and grow your business well into the future.

I hope this has been helpful for you! If it has let me know in the comments below!

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Say goodbye to burnout - 16 Top Tips To Help You Create A Business Without Sacrificing Your Health Or Sanity.

So you’ve been doing this online biz thing for a while now and you’ve come to realise how much work it takes.

You may of come to realise it is so much more than just popping up a selfie saying buy my thing and the money rolls in. Oh no.

I hear you, you are starting to get tired.

When we have our own business it can seem that we are always switched on. Thinking about the next task we have to do. Seeing clients. Showing up on social media. It is very energetically draining especially in the early days when we wear many hats.

I have been through it myself I suffered burnout big time back in 2013 I was about to have my third baby and I was tired. Resentful and just had enough of working for myself you can read that blog post here.

So I get it I really do but I really wished I knew what I know now. Or even sat for a minute to give myself a break. Took the expectations off my OWN shoulders.

So today I want to give you some really valuable tips how you can run a business without feeling like you are sacrificing your own sanity or values in life.

You are the CEO always remember that. If you are not taking care of your own needs and scheduling time for yourself you can not run a sustainable business. Sacrificing sleep to hustle to 4am then getting up at 7am is not going to work in the long run. And lets be honest. You are probably not preforming at your best when you are feeling like an exhausted pigeon.

MOVE your body. Stagnant energy is moved on energetically. You will stop being in consuming mode and your brain can go into creation mode! Awesome hey?! Sitting for long periods of time is not good for the bum or the brain!

Don’t like doing something in your business? Is it taking 10 hours when it would take someone else 1 hour? Outsource as quickly as you can in your business. No budget to do so? Look on Fiver or maybe exchange services with someone to benefit you both! Don’t get stuck on putting your energy into something that feels draining.

Schedule in social catch ups. No more living in your little bubble ok? Make time to talk about something other than business! Our friends and family are the ones that lift us up. Go fill your cup! Feeling isolated? Step out of your comfort zone and find local events / communities you may want to participate in.

Boundaries with time. I myself got caught out with this one. Stick to a time daily where you log off. No more social media. No more responding to clients enquiries. Set a time that works for you where you are still able to log off. Go spend time with family, chill out or read a book. Tired pigeon remember?

Find something that lights you up that is not work related. A new hobby, a craft? Unplug and relax.

Go outside! Fresh air. Vitamin D. The ground to centre and ground your energy. Need I say more?

Set achievable goals feeling like you are always chasing the next thing and the next thing is going to have your adrenals going CRAZY! Set small goals in your business and tick them off one at a time. I would rather you do 2 things really well and see it from start to finish than have the stress and 20 unfinished projects at all times.

Change your routine up I get so uninspired and BORED when it is groundhog day. Change up your weekly schedule when you are starting to feel restless! This could even mean taking the laptop to a cafe instead of sitting at the desk.

A YOU day once a week. No plans. Just you doing what you want to do. Have a social media detox for 24 hours. Watch how inspired you come back!

Set time for certain things to reduce procrastination or being distracted. So checking emails at 3pm. Set aside a chunk say 45mins if your emails are really red hot. Then that is it!

Surround yourself with good people who understand your vision. This one is huge. Working as a solo entrepreneur can be really isolating. Reach out and connect with like minded people. The energy boost will serve you well!

HAVE FUN! If you can not be yourself in business. What are you even doing?! Make sure you bring laughter and fun to your business model. What does your brand look like? Is it engaging and fun? Does it light you up? If it doesn’t how can other people get excited about what you have to offer?!

Take note of your values and stick to them? What does your day look like? What is important to you? Is it making sure you sit down as a family and eat by a certain time? Having your own boundaries in place and knowing what your day looks like makes it a lot easier to take the pressure off. Creates expectations for when you are “working” and when you are not with clients as well. They will just start to realise after 8pm you are not available!

Know that you can not do everything. This was another big reality check for me. My business was actually moving a lot slower because I was doing EVERYTHING! Prioritise what matters. All of the time!

Remember why you started in the first place. When I get low vibe and think nope nope I want to run and hide. I think about why I started in the first place. For me it was to support other women so they could pursue their passion and get paid for it. So that is changing lives right?! And to be able to support my children while being present. I also read my client feedback. That usually lives me the reality check I need that if I give up I am actually doing a great disservice!

Remember the whole reason you started was to create a better quality of life for yourself. Running your own business does not mean you need to sacrifice your health in the meantime. Their will be no huge pay off when you finally get there financially if you do not have your health.


Be kind to yourself. You’ve got a big job to do. The world needs to see you shine.

If you are struggling in your business to make it all work I invite you to get in touch I would love to support you in any way that I can.

Foundational Pillars Of Content You Should Be Sharing On Social Media.

So many online entrepreneurs say to me

“I don’t know what to put on my social media platforms in the way of content”

“I am always posting as I go in the moment and my content doesn’t really get many reactions”.

Or the BIG one I block my ears when they tell me.

They post very rarely on their own online platforms. Eppp!

This is what has prompted this blog post today. I want to introduce to you the marketing strategy around the foundational content you should have scheduled in your social media channels at ALL TIMES.

These are the foundational pillars that create a really good base for all of your social media posts. Marketing is all about story telling. So once you become comfortable with telling your own story and educating people what you are about it becomes really easy to create content based around these pillars.

Kindness is Free Sprinkle it EVERYWHERE-15.png

  • Who I work with - Call out your ideal client. Tell the world who it is YOU want to work with. Paint the picture for them who it is. A beautiful way I love doing this is to write a post being a “letter to my ideal client”. I write to her letting her know I understand where she is at and how I can help her. This always gets a lot of love when posted on my Facebook page.

  • How I help - What is your niched service? What is the service you promote to lead your clients in with? Educate your followers on what your session / coaching consists of. How it works, how you support them and what outcomes they may achieve.

  • Who are you? - So who are you? Remember if you are doing this thing right new people are going to come across you all the time!

    You want to allow them to get to know you. This post should be scheduled on a weekly basis. What is your story?

    Humans want to get to know humans.

    Use this as a space to put yourself out there. Create trust. Allow your ideal client to be able to resonate with you. They want to get to know you. They want to know that you have been through or understand their struggles. This is a really good way to build that authentic loyal following that fall in love with you for who you are and what you are about.

    Your story is your best testimonial don’t be afraid to be real and raw. Everyone is going to love you even more!

  • Why do you do what you do? - This could be another part of your own personal story or you could share a case study about a past client. Why are you so passionate about what you do? Why would your client choose you? I want to be able to trust that YOU have the skill set and the passion to support me. So please allow me to get to know you further as to why you do what you do! Why did you start in the first place?

  • Lastly What do you stand for? AKA Getting ranty sometimes. - What are your core values?

    What makes you different in your industry?

    What fires you up?

    Sharing why you are passionate. What you are passionate about also fires up your potential clients. It helps them see that they may also have the same values as you or even get ranty about the same things as you. This creates conversation where you are leading the way!

    Authentic connections and tribe building. Your vibe attracts your tribe remember!

I hope your head is buzzing with ideas now on the foundational content that you can now schedule into your social media pages.

Along with this weekly blog posts you may be sharing ,expert tips and the fun behind the scenes stuff. You should have a very full weeks planned ahead of time!

Reach out if this was helpful to you I would love to know!

Message, Passion & Purpose. How Do I Find Mine?


You know you are here to do something big. To be a change maker. But right now you don't know what it is you are meant to be saying and to who. 

But you have that drive in you. That fire in your belly niggling at you not allowing you to forget that you indeed have a purpose.

Your life your experiences your lessons. Have been for a higher purpose. 

You are right. We all have a purpose. We all have a story to tell. We all have the ability to change someone's life. 

 I want you to live a fire fuelled life. I want you to feel more connected to what you do. I want you to fulfil your passions. I want you to be abundant from doing something that you love. 

So how is it that you find what your passions are? What is your purpose?

People have been asking these questions from the beginning of time and will continue to do so for 100's of years yet. So you are probably wondering how is it so easy for some people to just tap into what they want to do, live out their passion doing something they love and get paid for it!

Well, they are no different and I am one of those people. I will let you in on the little secret of "them" people.

The ones who seem so connected to purpose and have such a strong message.

They are not scared to try something new. They are the ones that find something amazing and want to tell everyone about it.

They have gotten their hands dirty and weren't afraid to try and fail. They are seekers of information. To better themselves. To try a new modality. To want to heal from their shit. To emerge themselves in new things.

Pretty much we are like little earth sponges. We want to learn all of the things. We are seekers of knowledge. 


As women when we have experienced something great it is our nature to share. To talk about it. We do this without even realising sometimes. So this goes hand in hand with having a passion, a message and a purpose. 

I am not going to be able to hand you a magic pill today and say here. Off you go here if your souls calling. 

But what I can inspire you to do is to emerge yourself in everything that takes your interest start talking about it. Open your voice. 

Want to learn more about spirituality. Do it. 

Want to learn more about crystals and essential oils. Do it. 


Passion comes from something we are personally obsessed with right?


Once you let yourself explore without any expectations. Then the magic happens. 

You realise that you yourself have a story. That you also have lessons that other people need to learn from. Once you emerge yourself in information you will see HOW you want to help people. 

So my advice for you today is to own it. Own your own worth. Own your stories. Own the good stuff and the not so good stuff that you have experienced. Know that people want to hear from you. You are doing them a disservice by not shining in your own light.

Open yourself up to just being raw and real with the world.

Go and explore the things that light you up. 

Don't be afraid to fail. You got this baby. Go light the world on fire. 

What Is One Thing I Can Do To Help Me Sell On Instagram?

You want to attract clients and get real leads on Instagram. But it is not really happening, right? 



You are posting all day doing all the "things" and can not work out where you are going wrong. 

I hear this all the time then I go and have a look at my clients Instagram, and it is clear to me in about 2 seconds why Instagram as a platform is not converting likers into paying clients. 

It may take some thought but the actual action will take you about 30 seconds to change on Instagram!


So what is the golden ticket to converting? 

Making your BIO CLEAR! 

The biggest mistake I see is people making the bio all about them. Listing all their personal hobbies, #catmum and just random fluff you know? #truthbomb

Your business is not about you. You are in the business of solving problems even if you have a physical product. You solve a problem! 

So what do you need to do? #Igotchabackbaby 

Create an A to B statement. This needs to be clear and the first thing you put in your bio. 

This is an example of an A to B statement. 

I help new mums lose baby weight through clean eating and strength training to become strong and healthy.  

What you are doing here is calling in your client with your niche. You are showcasing yourself as the professional who specialises in this area. 

You are identifying who you help so they can say Oh that's me! You are sharing with them how you can help and the outcome they can have working with you. 

This takes away confusion. They get it and they will be more inclined to hit the follow button. They know you will have a purpose in their life. You are the person they identify as solving their problem.

It is crystal clear the outcome they will have when working with you. 

This is going to help you to convert your followers into clients and also help you grow your account with a loyal targeted following. 

So have a think about who it is you want to work with, what problem you solve and what outcome they will have when working with you. 

You can use this A to B statement everywhere in your marketing to showcase who you are and what it is that you do. 

Here is an example of how I have put my bio together! 



You will also notice I have put a link in my URL for a FREE ebook. This is called a call to action. I am asking my followers to give me their email in return for a free ebook. 

Why? Because this is the next level of converting my followers into paying clients!

I obtain the email address and then they are on my mailing list. They will get to know me further and of course I softly softly promote my paid products and services to them. 

Doing these two valuable steps sets you apart from the Instagram profiles that look like they are in hobby mode. If you are not calling out to your ideal client how are they going to know you offer a paid service and the next step is to buy from you?


Be CLEAR! Do the clients you have not even met yet a service by allowing them to buy from you. 

Promise me you will use the space in your bio wisely now. I love you, fellow mums. I know you love your fur baby. But keep that for later when they are getting to know you. No more #mumof3 #Catmum #Coffeeaddict. 

I would love to see your before and after feel free to tag me on Instagram.

Still unsure of how to market your message and services? Not sure how to use the Instagram platform but KNOW it is the second most used platform in 2018. 

Hit the button below and book in an Instagram 101 marketing session with me. I've got you covered!

Not Another Facebook Group?! Why Should I Create One?


First of all, I am going to jump straight in and answer the burning question I am always asked. Do I need a Facebook group?

I usually chat with clients that are on both sides of the fence. One side says I want to create one because I will put my effort into that because no one can see my stuff on my business page. 

The other side of the fence says NO more Facebook groups! Too many already and I an not manage another thing. 

Alright so here is the thing. Yes, there are a lot of Facebook groups out there. And I mean a lot. But listen in I am going to show you why I DO believe you need one when you are building a business and a personal brand. 

Total disclaimer here as well. Will building a group be easy? No. Will it bring you in millions of dollars in the first 12 months. Probably not.

It will take time and patience but if done correctly it is going to set you up with client leads in the long-term picture. 

The reason why I want you to create a Facebook group is that in the first 1-2 years of business especially I want you to focus on building a loyal tribe. When we are creating our own personal brands we need to get within the community and have conversations about what we do and strike up the conversation. 

I want you to lead the way and create this for your tribe. If you are wanting to create a loyal tribe and be able to engage with them you need to think about where you are going to do this?

Is it in the comments on your Instagram? On your Facebook business page?

Talking in the comments and replying will work in the short term.

But if you can create an engaged conversation where you are leading the way with topics and have all of this living within a Facebook group you will win every single time in the long run. 

Don't get me wrong. This is not SHOW all about you. The purpose of creating a community is just that. A community. You want to create a place where like-minded people hang out. Where they get just as much value out of the group as you do. 

Where they feel they have a voice.

I want you to see this as being a way to create a safe place to have the deeper conversations with your tribe. Where you lead the way. Your community is going to like you. Trust you. Know you. And buy from you. In the long game. 


My top tips for growing a Facebook Group


  • Create a searchable simple niched name - Ie Clean eating for women - Healing anxiety with essential oils.

The minute I changed my group name to something people were actually searching for my group has grown organically like wildflower. Again remember not about you, about them. Creating a branded group with your name when no one knows who you are is not going to grow quickly and you are going to have to slug it out to grow that baby! 

  • Engage with your tribe - Go live ask questions!

I know you are thinking. Like Duh Romana. You would think hey? But I see this over and over again. People get excited. Create a group, post in it for 4 weeks straight. Burnout and the group's interaction drops and it goes to Facebook Group Zombie land. People are not going to make the effort to post in YOUR group unless you do. Long-term gain remember. You are building brand awareness and presence. 

Facebook will also reward you for doing so! If your group is really engaged and lots of posts are being made it will suggest it to people searching for similar groups. 


  • Don't spam everyone with your sales copy

I know it is your group and you want a return on investment. But settle petal. Be the leader. Play by your own rules. Of course, it is your group and you can break them every now and then if you have something really awesome to share. But again it is not about you. Take it easy and resist the urge! Create brilliant content that will convert quicker in the long term than sales posts spammy mc spammed everywhere in your group. 


  • Run challenges in your group

This has and is continuing to work really well for me. It gives people a reason to show up and engage. Invite people in and they get VALUE out of being apart of the challenge that is within my group. Oh, and it also showcases me within MY tribe as being the person with the expertise. Winner winner for everyone. 


  • Take advantage of the ask entering questions option. 

You can request people who are asking to join your group to answer questions before they are approved. Be smart and ask the RIGHT questions. Feel free to use mine. 

I ask where did you find this Facebook group. - Awesome for you to track

I ask them what they want to learn from me - This will help you with content all over the place!

I tell them to leave their email if they would like my free ebook. 95% of people say yes and pop it in.  - This helps me grow my list and brand awareness and niche services. 


I hope this has inspired you to create your own tribe on Facebook within a group. It has such potential to really serve you well within your business if you put in the time and effort your tribe deserves.

If you have any questions I invite you to get in touch! Let's Talk

And of course here is your VIP invitation to jump into my Facebook group to see how we roll over there!

Coaches & Spiritual Entrepreneurs Business Support.  










Help no one can see me! Tips to getting really visible online.


Alright you've got something really amazing to share. 

You know you change lives and you may even have a product you know is AMAZING but crickets right?

You want to know how do I sell what I have to offer online?

You tell me not to work for FREE Romana so how the hell do I get people to BUY my thing? 

You ready? 

You may not like what I am about to say but I am all about dealing #truthbombs. 

No one is going to buy your thing if they don't know who the fuck you are. 

Like honestly. You know when someone comes to your door to ask you about your energy provider? We can not shut that door quick enough. It is almost a little bit like. Whatttt are YOU doing disturbing me? WHY are you at my door. 

Ok maybe that is just crazy little me. HA!

But you see my point here right? We can have a human standing in front of us even with the most amazing thing ever but if we don't know them. Don't have any connection to them we become very dismissive. 

It is the same online. We are all so absorbed in the scroll of social media we don't pay attention to people we don't know.

We have no emotional pull towards them and women in particular buy with EMOTION.

Ether because we resonate and like that person we are buying from, we have created a like and trust for them creating an emotional pathway to them in our brain. OR because they have struck an emotion in us and they can solve a problem for us. 

This is the way people buy. 

And in the online world becoming visible does not have to be hard. It can take time yes. But it can be done. I am going to share with you how I made 15k just from advertising my services in OTHER PEOPLES Facebook groups last year. 

So yes Facebook groups is where the party is at. Organic marketing for the win. These babies cost you $0.

I want you to focus on 3 - 4 Facebook groups (You can find mine here

Now don't go in and drop your promotional stuff and run. Yuk you are not going to get any sales that way. 

Get into these groups and create some really awesome connections. Respond to questions within the groups. Share your knowledge. Allow real humans who may be your ideal client to get to know you!

What you will gain is so much more than just paying clients. You will gain a network of women who have your back. They will get to know what you do even if they are not ready to work with you or personally do not need your services. They will be the ones who tag you and shout your name from the rooftops when someone is in need of your help. 

The value you bring and what you get back is truly amazing within the online communities of women entrepreneurs. Find the right groups and you will start to understand what I mean. 

When you are choosing your groups I want you to also do it from a strategic point of view.

Choose to focus on groups where you KNOW your ideal client is hanging out. So it may be a support group for mothers as an example if you work with mums with PND. 

Another group I want you to join is one YOU can learn and grow. So of course my Facebook group would be fabulous for this! ;) 

And of course feel the vibe of the group. Give it a go for a while if it isn't for you move on and go searching for the right fit. Of course you want to make sure that you are following group guidelines if they have theme days etc. And feel aligned with the group facilitator. 


The other way to become more visible online is to actually be present online! I know you are thinking simple right? 

WRONG! Some peeps think ok I have a Facebook page a Instagram account I have uploaded some random stuff and now I am going to make money online because people can find me. 


This is not going to work. Not at all. If anything it can turn potential clients away! If I am looking for someone to work with I head to the Facebook page I want to see basically a mini website. I want to see fresh NEW posts on the wall and an about section that gives me all the answers I need. Who are they? What are they about? Can they help me?

So creating content like a machine is going to lead in your clients. Choose two social media platforms. Facebook and Instagram are my favourites. And master them.

Produce content everywhere. Document your life. Allow your following to get to know you as a real human as well as a professional business owner. Share tips and hints. Educate them on why you do what you do. What results can you help them achieve? What outcomes can you help with?

Listen in.. 

Truth bomb coming. Unless you are being present online creating content. So popping into Facebook groups making connections and actually promoting your thing. Providing content on your own platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you CAN NOT say that say it doesn't work and you are not visible. 

It does take work. A lot of work. It takes time. 

But the more you put yourself out there. The more you allow people to see who you are and promote your thing. The quicker it will happen for you. 

If you are struggling with your marketing and your message and are still pulling your hair out with this online thing. 

Please get in touch I would love to help! 

Creating boundaries and having systems in your business is going to bring in the money honey.


I am going to make this a quick one today. I want to give you some food for thought. 

Are you an inspo coach? Or a paid coach? 

Having boundaries and systems may just be the thing that helps you to go from inspo to paid. 

You are probably sitting there thinking " what on earth is she talking about?"

Bare with me here. 

A lot of clients I work with that are not getting paid clients walking in the door are very busy being busy on social media giving away everything for FREE.

Yep, that's right. They don't realise what they are doing. 
They think they are helping people. 
And this is what you have to do when you are starting out. 

You help everyone for FREE.

Nope. Nope, Nope. 

This is where boundaries come in. They have no personal business boundaries! They are spending all day creating free content that is fantastic and then when it comes time to convert over to a paying client. 

They then go on coaching that person for FREE on Facebook messenger.

Or the spiritual entrepreneur thinks she has to do 100 free readings so people will validate her service. 

Please stop! Listen in. 

You do not have to be available all of the time within your business on social media. 

It is ok to have boundaries and ask for the sale when you KNOW you should be getting paid for the service you are providing.

You do not have to work for free to establish yourself as a person with an expertise. 

If you want to offer freebies on your terms great. This is not what I am saying here. 

What I want for you is to validate your worth and start having stronger boundaries with your potential clients with your time and around money. 

You are actually doing them a disservice by not allowing them to work with you within your paid services and programs. They deserve to get the most from you. 

So this is where having systems in place are going to compliment you having awesome fucking boundaries. This is going to take you from Inspo fluffy nice coach that no one is willing to pay. To the paid coach people respect and value. 

So let's do a pinky promise now - Please no more coaching or free readings via PM. 

Start using a really good booking system in your business. I recommend Acuity. It is the KING of online booking systems it will also take payments for you. No more back and forth chasing money either. 

(Check out Acuity here)

How this is going to go hand in hand with boundaries. 

When a potential client enquires about your services you will not feel like you have to go around in circles answering questions via Pm to validate why they should choose you. You will have a clear system in place where you send them. 

It is going to separate the time wasters from the people who are ready willing and value your time and expertise. Because they are the ones that will book right away and PAY you for your time. 

You will no longer feel like the there's that elephant in the room of going back and forth having another sales conversation about how you can help them. And with them trying to draw out of you free advice. 

You will be able to confidently cut out the process of feeling like you need to justify to them why you are the one they should choose, and if asking for payment makes you feel icky. (Which it shouldn't) 

But if that makes you feel uncomfortable especially in the early days you will have a booking system to forward them onto which will collect payment for you and they can book themselves in online. 

Having a professional system you take your clients though is not only going to help you save time. Stop the unnecessary conversations back and forth it is going to provide your clients with an easy way to book with you. 

Making the process a positive one from start to finish for the both of you. 

So tell me, 

Are you a inspo coach or a PAID coach?  

Rock your boundaries, own your worth. 
You are the CEO of your business.
Get paid and do it with ease with systems in your business to support your growth! 

If you are not really techy and the thought of creating systems is just scary to you. Get in touch and I would be more than happy to work with you and help you to create amazing automated systems in your business!

Work with me.

Boundaries & Pricing How They Go Together.

Kindness is Free Sprinkle it EVERYWHERE-10.png

Clear boundaries on pricing and why? 

Are you charging enough for your time?

What if I told you, You do have TIME & Money to get a massage once a fortnight?

The topic of money with soul entrepreneurs can be a touchy one because we all come from a place of heart and value and feel our clients NEED our service so we try and be assessable to everyone.
This is true to an extent but what happens here is the line gets very foggy and a lot of people end up working for free or over give in their service.

This means creating a session for a client who gets a, b, c they know they are going to get these services and outcomes from you in the session and are happy with your rate. BUT then after the session, you email them 10 pdfs workbooks and add on a follow up free session.

Sound familiar? This example is from someone I have actually worked with as a client!

It undervalues your time, your experience.

The outcome for the client, your previous studies & innate skills that only YOU have (that's the connection part) That's why people value you! Own it!

I want you to realise to create a beautiful flowing business you need to value the CEO, YOU!

When you charge accordingly for your time and services you are creating room in your business for you to have balance as well. Imagine what you could work in based on actually charging what you are worth?!
Could you see 4 clients instead of 6 and get a massage every fortnight?
This is the reason why we start our empires in the first place is not to feel overworked undervalued and time poor.

I want you to create a business you LOVE that serves YOU as well as your clients.

If you would like me to help you with all the gears of pricing and services reach out I am always happy to have a chat X

Contact me here

Manifesting. You gotta be clear girl!


Let’s talk about manifesting - This photo was taken last year in Byron Bay at The crystal castle Byron Bay.


It was a dream to visit this place for about 7 years! I made the decision earlier in the year that I was going then randomly we ended up booking the holiday on a whim getting flights cheap from Melbourne! BOOM! 

As it is the time of the year to start mapping out what you want to manifest I thought I would share some of my top tips for you! ⠀⠀

👉🏻 TOP tips for manifesting like a spiritual PRO!👇🏻
Number 1 – BE CLEAR – When manifesting something physical be specific, what does it look like? Why do you need it? What purpose will it have in your life?
Number 2 – PEOPLE, RELATIONSHIPS – Wanting to manifest the perfect friend or partner? Again be crystal clear especially with this one!
Write a list of all the qualities you would like the person to have. Now again crystal clear. When you write you want your future partner to be single when you meet you also want them to be emotionally available right? And it is not only about them how do they make YOU feel?
Number 3 – MONEY wanting to bring more money into your life this year and abundance? Set the intention of where the money is going. Give it purpose. Be clear WHY you need the money and it will come. Set a goal for how much money you would like to manifest each week, each month, each year. This may not come to you in the dollar terms but also be mindful you may get a credit on a bill or a gift card given to you etc. These are all MONEY back in your pocket. Another little handy trick for manifesting money is to TRACK your current finances. Honour the money you have and treat it well to make the way for more money to come in. If you have the mindset that you are no good with money and spend it as it comes in OR you don’t know where all your money is going you are creating the mindset of having money blocks.
It is stopping the flow of money coming to you as you won’t know what to do with it right? Honour the money. And don’t ever feel guilty asking for money. You can change the world and bless more people if you are abundant.

A story of the girl who thought she couldn't.

My story goes pretty deep as a business owner and mentor. 

 Blurry snap in 2005 a 19 year old me and my 5 month old new baby!

Blurry snap in 2005 a 19 year old me and my 5 month old new baby!


You see I had my first child when I was 19. I was a high school drop out from having no support and living in a toxic environment. I moved out of home at 16.

I grew up thinking I wasn’t intelligent because I didn’t complete school or go to uni like I dreamed. 
Now throw in a teenage pregnancy. ⠀⠀

I always had aspirations but never backed myself because of the conditioning that I was ‘dumb’ because I didn’t get to do all the things I wanted too thinking I wasn’t smart enough and then at 19 I was ‘just a mum’.

Until one day a dear friend of mine encouraged me to use my gifts to start a business and to start charging for my services. 

It gave me that fire in my belly. Someone actually validated my worth, someone was actually backing me and showing me I was A LOT more. ⠀⠀
This was 10 years ago. Since then I have grown two businesses. Had another two children and grown my income. ⠀⠀
I have studied, I have mentored and I have grown. ⠀

Now I spend my days helping other women who may not feel they are worthy or have lost their confidence. I help them to step back into their own power.

Everyone needs a cheerleader. And my promise to you is. I will be yours. I see you. I hear you.


You are capable of great things even if you can not see it yet from where you are. 

The Mind Scope Logic VS Intuition

Today I want to talk about the mind scope and that inner argument that can go on in our minds when it comes to intuition. This is a topic that seems to come up a lot with my clients, The ones that know they are intuitive but come to me and say "I can never trust my own intuition". I can help other people with what I feel and see but I can not seem to just make the leap when I feel something for myself and put it into motion.



This can present as getting that gut feeling about something but then talking themselves out of it just in case they are wrong.

Sound familiar? It's not only you I promise. I want you to tell you all about the mind scope and let you in on a few little facts about how our brain works.

We have two sides of our brain.The left hemisphere and the right hemisphere. 

Left is Mrs Logical - This side of the brain processes thoughts as facts, it is task and result oriented, It's always restless and never feels it's got enough time. So processes things QUICKLY.

Now, this is where the intuitive thoughts are always in a battle for power because....

The right hemisphere is Mrs creative this is where the creativity comes out, This is your intuitive side of your brain, Idealistic, Expressive and your inner child hangs out in these parts too.

When your brain receives a new message " idea/thought " it goes searching for information to back it up to see if it is something that is safe or something it should send a warning signal to the nervous system about.

When the brain feels the unknown it will release it as fear. Hello over thinking, Hello intuitive thoughts that get suppressed because we doubt ourselves and our abilities.

The process happens like this to put it simply.

Intuitive download comes through the right side of your brain - creative intuitive side

Then it gets flicked over to the left side of the brain  - logical side of the brain

Lefty didn't download this so it starts to try to make sense of what to do with the information and as it's an intuitive download it cannot process it, The left side of the brain goes looking for the comfort of past information to back this new information up.

It looks for factual information that this has been seen and heard of before therefore making it SAFE.

You know what happens next right?

Left side of the brain hits the big red button Warning Warning!

I don't know what to do with this it doesn't make sense to me it must be unsafe!!

So it then turns into doubt, loss of self-confidence to trust inner intuitive thought processes. Before you have even started to trust what you've been given from source you have talked yourself out of it. "I must be wrong? I could be wrong "

Sounds like a long lengthy process when we talk it all out here and lay it all out doesn't it?

This process can be over and done with within a few seconds!

So what can we do to strengthen the right side of the brain?

It's like any skill we need to exercise it and practice!

Getting creative doing anything arty and crafty is using the left side of the brain. Practice Practice Practice using spiritual tools and get out the oracle cards!

The more you feel comfortable and can back yourself with the result of factual events that your intuition was right about both sides of your brain will start to work in sync with each other!

Meditation is also AH-MAZING for strengthening that intuitive side of your brain.

So go on and start small creating new routines and new ways of thinking. Your mind body and soul will thank you for it!


Suffering Burnout Out While Running A Business, My Story.

I felt the need to write this today as it seems my day has all been about reflecting about that time I myself suffered from burn out in my business, chucked a big tanty and sold up shop. Quite literally.

I had just had my third baby was breastfeeding and worried about money. Thinking about needing to return to working in my business again as I worked for myself and if I took time off the business stopped and finances suffered.



As I sat there with my new baby in my arms going back in my memory to months prior of clients calling me at 10 pm at night to tell me about the fight they had just had with their partner or the clients that like to call really really early in the morning to book in for that day. (Then get upset at you that you can not fit them in)

I really really started to resent my work and started to forget why I started in the first place. You see my background is holistic health and wellbeing. I had been in the industry for as long as I could remember and I will admit to you now, I thought the pressures of clients and working late into the night was just how it was to make decent money.

I was working back to back doing clairvoyant and spiritual bodywork. I was buggered.

So back to the tanty. I sold up shop and within a month all was locked in and I vowed never to walk back into the industry again.

So this brings me to where I am now. Well seems I am back in one way or another, I ended up staying away for about three years. But as it happens in this industry when you are born to help and be around people you always end up coming back.

Life has changed in the three years, We moved out further up to the country and our family situation has changed, And so have I. I learnt the hard way in 2014 two years after selling up shop I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. If you haven't met my mate Fibro before I will give you a quick introduction.

Fibro is my unwanted housemate. She's a bitch like her sister chronic fatigue. They are quite similar except Fibro brings nerve pain with it and a lot more of the "fun stuff" brain fog, Ibs and so much more.

If that wasn't a reality check that I really wasn't and hadn't looked after myself I don't know what would of been.

I have seen what works and what doesn't on my travels and I have been the one to burn myself out.

So I have a huge passion for making sure it doesn't happen to the people I have around me working in this industry.

Because this industry is so client lead. So many practitioners feel like I did, that they have to be available all of the time to their clients.

They have this fear based emotion that if they don't take on every client and make themselves available 24.7 the clients will start drying up and so will the money coming in.

Oh and speaking of money, The money blocks where a lot of practitioners are having to work so hard for their weekly wage because they are not charging accordingly per hour.

Can you see how this is a recipe for burn out? I did it, I know first hand!

I wanted to share my story with you this week because maybe you are starting to feel like I did. Feeling like you are working 40 hours a week for a couple of 100 dollars and never seem to have the time to practice self-care and regain that balance back in your business.

Your beautiful business needs its CEO looked after, Remember on the aeroplane if the oxygen mask isn't on your first you cannot help anyone else?

I want you to take a step back and action 3 things for me this week

Look at your pricing.

Do you feel it is validating the service you provide? Is it allowing you to be able to take time off when needed?

2.  Schedule in time for YOU even if its an hour a week, Go for a walk, swim do some yoga whatever it is that makes you feel centred and ALIVE!

3. Look at other ways you can help people in a group setting with a set monthly income coming into your business.

Take the pressure off having to find new clients all the time. Find a way you can continue to give your current clients more value.

I just want you to sit down an remember why you started in the first place. To create the structure in your business is to help YOU.

Owning your own business doesn't have to be hard, and it defiantly doesn't mean working 7 days a week!

(Ok maybe I am talking about my past self here)

Because that's what she thought!


If you want to have a chat with maybe about a restructure of your services and pricing my door is always open.

Get in contact with me here lets chat!

Honouring Your Needs And Wants. What Does It Really Look Like?

What does it mean really? I know this statement of honouring our needs and wants is thrown around a lot these days in the wellness and personal development industry.

To me, I feel it means to really stand in your power.

To speak up for what you really want, what you need and really get to know yourself in such a way you KNOW what serves you.



Does it sound simple?  Maybe for some. But for some people, it really isn't just yet. They may have been this person in the past and have since gone through a time in their life where they have gone into shut down mode.

They have lost the ability to put themselves first. This can come after a major life change, stress & PTSD. I would almost explain it as a way to not focus on the painful stuff going within but to just focus on everything else and everyone else to stop the pain.


I know it can feel like a huge mountain to climb to feel like yourself again. But you can start small and start with these 3 steps...


Create boundaries.

Listen to your intuition here. If something doesn't feel right and it makes you feel uncomfortable it's OK to say NO.


Stop being available all the time. 

A lot of people who have trouble meeting their own needs are people pleasers. They are so afraid to disappoint someone else they will take on tasks that send them on that extra mile even if it costs them their sanity or health. It is OK to be selfish sometimes and make it all about what you want.

Create time for yourself.

To find your voice is to know what you want to say. Give yourself the gift of time. Create some self-care rituals and start to enjoy your own company again. Get to know yourself to the depths of your soul. What are your desires?

What is important to you?

It will awaken that fire within you to discover more about yourself. To really love and take care of yourself.

Take a bath full of beautiful Essential Oilsand float around with rose petals. Set the intention to love and honour yourself at that moment. Buy the book you have had your eye on for a while. Whatever lights you up do that!


Taking small steps with our daily routines and mindset really do make a difference.


When we take back the control of our own energy we can then create change within our mind and body.



Finding Joy - What Can It Mean?

Today I wanted to chat with you about taking a leap of faith it could be within your life to reach out and do something you've always wanted to do or it could be within your business.

Last week I was very lucky to have attended a workshop by Joy Fairhall - called The power of joy.

It was truly amazing and it was all about finding joy in the here and now. But for me, it also translated into the message of taking a leap of faith to do what is best for you at that moment.

How can you find joy right now?
Can you look around where you are sitting right now and see or feel something that lights you up inside?

It also spoke a loud message to me about boundaries.
What was stopping me from finding joy?
Did I need to speak up about needing extra help around the house?
Would that reduce stress for me to find joy in other things I was trying to focus on?

Outsourcing in my business so I have time to do things I enjoy?

We learnt all about finding joy and happiness the key is to be present.

What does being present mean? To stop the monkey brain. AKA 200 million tabs open in your brain. When we stop the overload all the time it creates the space for us to focus on the here and now and to ENJOY it.

It is the little things, right?

Another message I took from this workshop was to enable myself to make the time to create happiness and joy. And yes it was to create boundaries!

With my clients with my family, friends etc. I stopped saying yes to everything years ago. OH YEAH!!

But to take it one step further to really make the point so people to value your time. Stop the resentment of feeling like you are on call all the time. Take back the joy in what you do and how you serve your people, or how your circle of friends and family values YOUR time.

So see how you go this week I will give you some homework to take away.

Stop and focus on YOU.

What can you do to reconnect with what makes you happy?
It could be painting, walking, going to the gym, meditation. It is all about finding time to be YOU.

Manifesting Money. What the F%#K I Can Do That?!

So a lot of people may think that manifesting money is a whole lot of woo-woo crap. It doesn't work you have to work hard for your money it doesn't just fall in your lap.

And you know what I totally agree. But to an extent, I am not the type of person to say just hope and dream and everything will come true. I tell my clients time and time again to get a plan. Make it happen.

But in the ways of manifesting money, I believe it all comes down to making peace with money and the poor man's mindset.

Once you overcome the poor man's mindset and really value your own time and money. It really does start to flow more easily to you.

Money isn't the enemy. There is always a fear surrounding it. "I don't have enough" and some people even push it away when they are thinking "money won't make me happy"!

No, it won't but it will enable you to do more things for yourself and others. Which should make you happy. Seeing the dollar signs in the bank double may make you happy in that moment but we all know true happiness isn't based on how many zeros are in the bank.

Ok so now we know why we can not hold onto it. Ether with the fear-based emotions of I won't know what to do once I have it. Or the poor man's mindset of I am not deserving, it is time to work through how we are going to make it happen and MANIFEST MONEY.

Let's start with the work.

What does that money look like to you?Let's place a physical value on it. New car? Money for the holiday? Food for the kids this week? What does the money look like to you?

Let's place a physical value on it. New car? Money for the holiday? Food for the kids this week? What does the money look like to you?
Write down your list.

Release the FEAR & Anger

Let me give you a little heads up. Anger is really fear. It's easier to say "I am angry right now" Than "I am scared". So if you are feeling angry about your situation deep down let's work with that and dig deeper to find the fears and change them into positive manifestations. If you are always telling yourself you're broke what do you think the outcome is going to be?

So let's change some common thought processes.

I am always broke  -I always have money come to me as I need it

I don't have enough money to pay the bills -I am blessed and I am provided for

I grew up poor. I don't come from a wealthy family - I am breaking the mould I can have all the abundance in the world money comes to me easily

If I had a lot of money I wouldn't be truly happy - When I have a lot of money I am abundant and feel joy in giving to others.

Can you see that when we change up our mindset around money the fear and resentment of our current situation disappears? It may not be happening just yet but stay with me here. As you start to change your mindset around money and change your belief system that you are truly wealthy things start to flow.

Honour the money that comes into your house. I would suggest to track it so you can see what is coming in and out and when you have a credit on a bill or have won something that you also track that as it is spare money in the bank!

Always write in terms of what money offers you, not what it couldoffer you, so you’re properly connecting with the reality of manifesting money. So, you might start with “Money lets me travel to the place I want to see” then add “Money allows me to decorate my home the way I’ve always wanted to” and “Thanks to money, I’m better able to help other people and change lives.”

Write down as many positive statements as you can, then pin the piece of paper up where you can easily see it every day.

Tracking and manifesting money does work.

I once manifested 2k in one week within my business just before I was going on holiday to Bali.

Money well spent I would say!



Feeling tired all of the time? What could your body be trying to tell you?

One of the main questions I get from a holistic perspective is WHY am I so tired?

Here is is what your body may be trying to tell you.

You're fighting to get to many things done, and you're pushing yourself beyond your limits.

Procrastination is also a big one to look out for are you busy doing all of the things but achieving nothing?
Bordem and frustration can present to us as feeling TIRED.



What can you do? 

Make sure you are giving your brain enough fuel. Iron-enriched foods (Think greens) and lots of water.

Hydrate Hydrate

and Hydrate. 2-3ltrs per day esp in summer. Our body loses at least 12 cups per day. Our body doesn't store water!(Brain fog also doesn't help when feeling tired!)

If you are having ongoing problems go and get your iron and B12 levels checked by a doctor.

MOVE your body. I know I know. You're tired. Work with me here. Go for a 30-minute walk every day. This will start to release beautiful endorphins to the brain and kick-start your gut health when you fuel the body correctly.

Most of all schedule in non-negotiables that light you up!!!!



Natural Support For Emotional Well-Being

Managing emotional health is one of the top health priorities women have when working with me. They want a natural solution to ether to support their health professionals advice. Or they wish to manage anxiety and overwhelm with essential oils.

The underlying issue of stress and the emotional rollercoaster we can sometimes feel like we are on can come down to fear. Limiting beliefs we may have about ourselves. Or the fear of the unknown.

Essential oils not only support the emotion that presents at the time. But they also can go deeper on a aromic level within the brain helping you to start gently doing the work to clear past stagnant energies.


Why Aroma impacts the mood

Our brain is designed to use aroma to soothe and protect itself. As we inhale an essential oil, the aroma meets our brain in the olfactory bulb also know as the emotional brain.  It triggers a series of chemicals. For example, lavender triggers serotonin, which has a relaxing effect on the mind and body.




How can you use Essential Oils for mood Management?

  • Palm inhale - Add a drop to your palms and rub together. Then cup your hands over your nose and mouth inhale deeply. 

  • Diffuser - Simply add 3-10 drops of essential oil to your diffuser and let it run close to where you are. Bedside table/office. 

  • Mists - Add oils to misting bottles. Spitz into the air as needed.  (Great for children who have trouble sleeping! Make a sleep blend and call it the "Good Dreams Blend" 

  • On the skin - Apply oils to the bottom of the feet, back of the neck or along the spine. They absorb into your skin and enter your bloodstream to come in contact with carrier cells.  (Always dilute) 


Top oils to support emotional state 

Ylang Ylang - Calms and relaxes the mind and body

Lemon - Reduces anxious and sad feelings, as does clary sage when used aromatically.

Chamomile - Improves focus and decreased hyperactivity in teenagers.

Melissa - Reduces stress without slowing activity level.

Orange - Reduces anxiousness and increases productivity.

Peppermint - Supports cognitive proformance and mood. (Intern. J Nerurosceince; 2008)